Breaking, Not Yielding

So, I convinced Chris to watch Nanette , which is Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special. (Here’s the trailer.) I had heard from a number of women that it was remarkable, and I assumed that they meant remarkably funny. And I was reminded of the show when this image popped up in my Facebook feed: Seriously, this is […]

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Sexism Ed Redux

*The academy has a gender problem. And it’s not new.* So, Sexism Ed has been out for 28 days. (Who’s counting? I am clearly.) And there are few things that I want to direct your attention to. First, The Revealer published an excerpt recently, which is one of my favorite essays on all the men who pretend

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Writing Motherhood

While finishing an essay on the Tooth Fairy and childhood beliefs earlier this week, I realized that I’ve been writing more about motherhood than I have before. At first, I was unnerved. Why was I suddenly writing more about my life as a mother? What was to be gained, or lost, by presenting my understandings

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Catalog of Wounds

Fever Sore Throat Rash covers his face, arms, legs, and tummy. Tears “Nah” on repeat as he swings his arms wildly More tears Flinging himself on the ground in protest To the doctor “Rock baby,” he says, “rock baby” He cuddles close. “Mama, up! Up, Mama!” Strep throat. Fever Sore Throat “My tummy hurts,” she

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