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“Is It Too True?”

I finally got around to watching folklore: the long pond studio sessions, a low-key, intimate concert of Taylor Swift’s folklore album. As is always the case, I am perpetually behind. The concert is from three years ago, recorded in pandemic year one. It’s Swift and her collaborators, Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff, not only playing […]

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What Makes A Mother

*What she means is that a mother with tattoos doesn’t seem like much of a mother at all.* “You’re a mother with tattoos,” the cashier, in the orange Home Depot vest with platinum hair, cackles. You are just trying to purchase some magnets, two lollipops, two Coke Zeros, and fire-ant killer. You try to smile

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Graham Cassidy and the ACA

*Every time I used my insurance card, I was grateful for ACA.* Here’s the letter I sent to Senate Finance Committee opposing the Graham Cassidy repeal. Greetings, I’m writing today because my family relies on ACA for quality, affordable healthcare. Because of this, I oppose the Graham Cassidy repeal. Currently, I work as a freelance

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You Were Ambitious

*I used to be ambitious. At least, that’s what people routinely told me.* I was ready to write an essay on motherhood and ambition, but then my three-year-old wouldn’t let me leave at drop-off while his older sister waited in the car. He wouldn’t hurry up the stairs to his preschool or through the door

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