Published at Books & Culture on January 6, 2015. Writing an essay is a form of loitering, but life is also about loitering until we die. We can loiter with intent. Or, we can’t. Most of us do varying degrees of both, but some of us struggle for an “apparent purpose,” a proper motivation to guide …

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We Are Living Reminders

Published at Killing the Buddha on September 3, 2014. Mapleton’s Heroes Day ceremony is an attempt to limit grief and pain to a day on the calendar. If only we could dwell in our grief for a moment and abandon it just as quickly. If only grief would cooperate with our attempts to box it …

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The Empathy Exams

Published at Books & Culture in May 2014. Empathy emerges as fraught; it can’t exist solely as a virtue because of the ways in which we unevenly practice it. Jamison models empathy while simultaneously scrutinizing and analyzing cultural expectations of empathy. She distrusts her own impulses and reactions to those she writes about. Who do we …

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Confidence Gap

Published at Women in Higher Education on December 5, 2014. Unfortunately, while confidence might offer more possibilities to women, it does not mitigate hostile or benevolent forms of sexism, change gender inequalities in pay, or guarantee that women are not harassed in the workplace. Confidence might make us feel better about ourselves, but it is no balm …

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