Academic Writing Month/Digital Writing Month

Since my poor blog has been abandoned in the rush of the fall semester, I’ve decided to hop on the bandwagon on both Academic Writing Month (#acwrimo) and Digital Writing Month (#digwrimo). Much like National Novel Writing Month, the purpose is to motivate writing. Lots of writing. However, since I try very hard to not be a crazy person, I am not setting a 50,000 word goal to complete by the end of the November. Instead, I am using this project as way to get some lingering work done AND reset my writing habits. Or perhaps, I should say making my writing habit again, rather than the fits and starts I have suffered through this semester.

As many of you know, I had my first writing summer, in which I only had to write with no class prep, readings, or student emails to deter me. While it was joyous, I think it also conditioned me that writing could only happen when I had long swaths of time. When the semester hit with three classes, job applications, conference papers, and dreaded email, I did not fall into my previous habit of writing any time I could, but rather I created writing days.

Writings days are not necessarily a bad thing, and thank goodness that my schedule allows for such a thing. But, I made the mistake of assuming that writing should only happen on those days and not all the time. Moreover, if something happened on a writing day, like a sick pet or child, then I could not write, which makes me a bit antsy and grumpy.

All of this to say, my previous habit of writing frantically anytime I could made me much happier than attempting to create distinct writing and teaching days. Thus, I am embracing my previous model of write and research anytime I can including, but not limited to, my writing days. This month provides me the excuse (or goal?) of making my writing a top priority and not letting other things encroach on the happiness that I derive from both my academic work and blogging. I feel better about myself as a scholar and a person, when I am able to get projects done, small or big.

So, here are my goals for Academic Writing Month/Digital Writing Month:

Finish overdue review (1200 words)

Review new book for the Bulletin (1000 words)

Complete two conference papers (2000 words maybe)

Blog three times a week (1500 X 4= 6000 words)

Write every day (500 X 30= 15000)

Start Chapter One of the zombie book  (1000-20000 words)

Article Revisions (500 words)

Goal: 25,000 words from 11/1 to 12/1

My current word count is 1200 (on a review and still not done) and 442 for the blog for 1642 words. Hooray!

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