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The Zombies Are Coming!

The Zombies Are Coming! The Realities of the Zombie Apocalypse in American Culture, Blue Crow Books, forthcoming 2020

Zombie Runs. Zombie Guns. Zombie Preparation Classes. Look anywhere in America these days, and you’re sure to find the living dead. We have TV shows, comics, novels, and films all enthralled to the vision of a world post-zombie apocalypse.

But what’s the line between fantasy and real life? Horror fiction and real danger? In today’s zombie culture, that line is blurrier than ever. In this engaging, head-spinning book, zombie expert Kelly J. Baker shows us how our fascination with zombies has bled into far-reaching corners of American culture, including apocalypse preppers, gun shows, and even the federal government.

How do we know the zombies are coming? Because they’re already here.



"This short little book ends with a smart bit of writing about the deep ambivalence about modern culture the zombie apocalypse obsession suggests. Why indeed are we spending some much time thinking about our culture coming apart at the seams? In fact, this section, and the book as a whole, would work as a wonderful jumping off point for a discussion in a classroom setting. I will likely use it in one of my upcoming  “Monsters in America” courses."

W. Scott Poole

"In her excellent e-book The Zombies are Coming!, Kelly J. Baker reminds us that apocalyptic fantasies have been part of the popular American imagination since at least the Puritan hellfire sermon. Even without a common religious narrative to guide them, end-of-the-world stories mostly function as a form of cultural critique and utopian longing. We can only imagine a desired future out of the ashes of the utterly destroyed present. In other words, things are going to have to get a lot worse before they get better."

Kathryn Reklis