It’s gonna be forever or it’s gonna go down in flames: Tenure and (In)Justice

Published at Marginalia Review of Books on June 8, 2015. Some might want to stop me right here to explain that academia is a meritocracy, in which hard work, quality scholarship, and intellect are rewarded with stable employment. Academia, you assure me, is built on merit. The deserving get tenure and all the security it …

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After Charleston

Published at Bearings on June 24, 2015. Will we really do nothing? Will we again ignore the fact that racism is embedded in our society? Will we claim that the shooter is a lone individual rather than a symptom of our white supremacist culture? Will we cluck our tongues in sympathy while ignoring the patterns of violence …

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Out for Coffee

Published at Killing the Buddha on July 28, 2015. “Coffee. Mama coffee. Hot. Burn baby,” my toddler says to me while pointing at my plain white mug. “Mama’s coffee,” I respond with a smile. He often  pretends to drink coffee from his older sister’s pink Barbie mugs. My almost-two-year-old associates me with hugs, kisses, cuddles, …

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I Look Like A Professor

Published at Chronicle Vitae on August 19, 2015. I don’t look like a professor, or so I’ve been told in my almost 13 years in, or adjacent to, academia. Usually, that message is sent indirectly: a casual comment in the hall, a smirk, or a nicer-than-nice question regarding my hair, clothes, or tattoos. Other times, …

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