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Look, I made Gawker!

I’m not kidding. Really. I made it onto the site. No, I’m not all of a sudden a celebrity, nor did I do something distasteful enough to be noticed (much to the relief of my family). Instead, it is the fault of Neil deGrasse Tyson, or rather, it is the fault of my recent piece […]

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On Chomsky and Zombies

Recently, a contributor to the Daily Kos noted that Noam Chomsky, the “legendary linguist/philosopher,” analyzed the zombie apocalypse for a group of students in a Skype session. What students? What kind of class? Where? (There’s no mention of these salient facts). A student asked Chomsky about the current preoccupation with zombies and the apocalypse in

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Elf Surveillance

Yesterday, Religion Dispatches posted my piece on Elf on the Shelf as a prelude to surveillance culture. Here’s an excerpt: “I need to be good because of the elf that lives my room,” my five-year old explained. “The what? Who lives where?” I ask. “The elf that knows if I’m bad or good,” she replies.

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