Nail Polish and Boys

*My kiddo had his first memorable brush with gender policing.* Last week, the kiddos and I were watching a movie in our living room strewn with stuffed animals and the occasional Lego. While they watched a movie we’ve already watched at least a dozen times, I tried to finish an assignment on my laptop. (This […]

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What Makes A Mother

*What she means is that a mother with tattoos doesn’t seem like much of a mother at all.* “You’re a mother with tattoos,” the cashier, in the orange Home Depot vest with platinum hair, cackles. You are just trying to purchase some magnets, two lollipops, two Coke Zeros, and fire-ant killer. You try to smile

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Graham Cassidy and the ACA

*Every time I used my insurance card, I was grateful for ACA.* Here’s the letter I sent to Senate Finance Committee opposing the Graham Cassidy repeal. Greetings, I’m writing today because my family relies on ACA for quality, affordable healthcare. Because of this, I oppose the Graham Cassidy repeal. Currently, I work as a freelance

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Catalog of Wounds

Fever Sore Throat Rash covers his face, arms, legs, and tummy. Tears “Nah” on repeat as he swings his arms wildly More tears Flinging himself on the ground in protest To the doctor “Rock baby,” he says, “rock baby” He cuddles close. “Mama, up! Up, Mama!” Strep throat. Fever Sore Throat “My tummy hurts,” she

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