Radio Silence

I know the blog has been remarkably quiet lately. There are many reasons for this, including the children being off of preschool and school for about three weeks, the swirl of holiday engagements, and a pile-up of writing assignments (which is a good problem to have). Add to all of these a serious funk about …

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White, male and “evangelical”?

Over at Religion in American History, Ed Blum blogs about how the label of “evangelical” presumes whiteness, particularly the 2005 list by Time magazine of prominent evangelicals. The list includes T.D. Jakes and Luis Cortes.  Sans these two ministers “representing” African-American and Latino evangelicalisms (and we all know that evangelicalism is a varied constellation rather than unified …

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Embodying Identity for Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Over at the Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog, I write about my recent pedagogical experiments to conjure race, religion, class and gender by taking embodiment seriously. Here’s an excerpt: This semester, however, I expanded the exercise to think about embodiment more largely, or how exactly we come to embody socially, historically and culturally …

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