Interviews and Reviews

Kelly J. Baker with Sexism Ed,” Midtown Reader Blog (March 2019):

People imagine that because higher education is more progressive, more liberal, sexism isn’t as much of a problem; Baker said they’re wrong.

Book Review: Sexism Ed by Kelly J. Baker,” Dósis (July 17, 2018):

At its best, Sexism Ed intertwines personal narrative and concrete research. Even when Baker is optimistic, there is profound sadness in reading her essays; it’s clear that Baker herself is one of the many women wronged by systemic inequality in academia.

Sexism Is A Feature of the System: An Interview with Kelly Baker,” Pacific Standard (April 24, 2018):

What I think makes the gender problem unique (and maybe worse, but maybe not) in the academy is the assumption that somehow the ivory tower is detached from the common prejudices and biases of the “real” world.

Excerpt from Sexism Ed,” The Revealer (April 22, 2018):

A man, who claims to be an ally and/or a feminist, has become a red flag for me. Especially if he loudly proclaims to be an ally. Especially if he looks around to see if everyone is paying attention to him.

Cover Reveal and Essay: Sexism Ed,” How Did We Get Into This Mess? (January 23, 2018):

I wanted to figure out whether sexism was a systemic problem, like I imagined it to be, or whether I was putting too much emphasis on the harrowing stories that women scholars shared with me over coffee, in emails, and in rushed whispers at annual conferences. (I wasn’t.)