Interviews and Excerpt

Making it Through: A Conversation with Kelly J. Baker,” The Rumpus (December 30, 2020):

Sarah Boon interviews Kelly about Final Girl, bravery, likability, and what it was like being a survivor.

What to Read When You Want to Think About Survival,” The Rumpus (Nov. 6, 2020):

Kelly writes about the eight books that helped her think about what it means to survive and how they inspired and helped her write her own memoir.

Rumpus Exclusive: A Kind of Fairy Tale,” The Rumpus (Oct. 26, 2020):

“She was drawn to tales with evil antagonists and young, vulnerable female protagonists. She knew that she was bringing her life to bear on the stories. That she was placing her own burdens heavily on these fairy tales. That if the stories could bear the weight of her life, then maybe she could, too.”