Not Business as Usual

If institutions don’t care about us, they can’t expect us to care about them. They can’t expect loyalty. They can’t expect that people will stay.

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All Over Again

It’s more of the same. I feel suffocated by the sameness; clawing at my throat will leave nothing but wounds that I’ll have to tend to. I don’t have time to tend to them. I remind myself to breathe, and I do.

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Can We Be Heard?

Recent events remind us that our culture doesn’t prioritize women, even as we bravely recount our toughest truths. We get harmed, ignored, dismissed and belittled, over and over again. I’m sick of it.

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Not “Too Emotional”

So, as I watched men tell Danvers that she’s “too emotional” again and again, I got angry. I heard the echoes of the same words lobbed at me. Like Danvers, I can’t stand when men tell me what I can do or who I am supposed to be.

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What We’ve Lost

I’ve lost time, and likely, you have too. Attempting to balance work, virtual school and caretaking responsibilities eats up my time. I can feel it slipping through my grasp as I try to stay on top of everything.

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