Resolve to Make Life Better for All of Us

Published at Women in Higher Education on January 2, 2017. Resolutions suggest that individuals are responsible for our own destinies and conveniently forget the institutions and structures that limit and bind us. The project of self-improvement is easier than building a better world.

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We Still Need Feminism

Published at Women in Higher Education on December 5, 2016. Readers, I got angry. (I’m still angry.) My anger brought into crystal-clear focus a truth I already knew but felt more staggering in the moment, that the work of feminism is not even close to being done.

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The Klan Never Ends

Published at Killing the Buddha on December 1, 2016. White people can pretend white supremacy is over until the Klan re-emerges again wearing robes and burning crosses. But this pretending, the refusal to confront or even acknowledge white supremacy, is what causes the order to appear, again and again.  

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Hell Houses and the Terror of the Gospel

Published at Sacred Matters on December 1, 2016. Yet, there’s still a hesitation about how religion is implicated in terror and hatred. For better or worse, the general public (and scholars) still imagine religion to solely be a force of good in the world. Religion is no longer religion when folks judge it to be […]

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White-Collar Supremacy

Published by The New York Times on November 25, 2016. This sort of image makeover is a big part of the alt-right’s game. They want to convince the media that they are a “new form” of white nationalism that we’ve never seen before: clean-cut, intellectual, far removed from the unpolished white supremacists of the past. […]

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Who’s Intolerant? Hamilton, Trump, and a Klan Essay Contest

Published on November 22, 2016 at the University Press of Kansas blog. The danger the Klan feared was too much faith in fellow human beings. Suspicion of others is easier than trust. Intolerance is easier than tolerance. The Klan could claim the mantle of tolerance as long as its members did not have to practice […]

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