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The Honesty of Halloween

For as long as I can remember Halloween, I have loved it. Consistently. Faithfully. Deeply. Halloween was often my favorite holiday, and it remains so. It was easier than the bigger holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, which required me to be shuttled back in forth between my divorced parents. Half a day with only family, […]

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Interviews and Award

Last week, two interviews with me about Gospel According to the Klan went live. (Can you believe people still read and want to talk about this book? So awesome.) The first was a previous interview from 2013 with A. David Lewis on the Klan and zombies, which is now available as a podcast from the Religious Studies Project. Here’s

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Exorcising America’s Demons: Reflections on Possession and Class

This summer, I decided to test out some of my new research interests in the paranormal, monsters, horror, and religion on my poor-unsuspecting-can’t-I-just-graduate-already? students. We read Joseph Laycock’s “The Folk Piety of William Peter Blatty: The Exorcist in the Context of Secularization” to discuss how an artifact of popular culture emerged as folk religion/piety. Laycock

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True Mud

While I am prepping promotional materials and changing citation styles for an article (ouch), I shouldn’t be blogging, so I am not. Instead to continue the monsters theme, I post my new favorite Sesame Street skit (which aired last year) entitled True Mud. Sesame Street’s True Mud on YouTube This is, of course, a parody

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