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Primetime White Supremacy

*The problem with the stereotypical presentation of white supremacists is that they ignore the reality of modern white supremacist movements.* Six years ago, I wrote about the portrayal of white supremacists on television for Religion in American History. What’s striking is that this essay still feels relevant today as I read headlines that suggest shock over […]

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The Religion Bulletin is running a series of responses to Russell McCutcheon’s Theses on Professionalization (2007) by early career scholars. Matt Sheedy, the editor of the blog, asked me to contribute, so I did. I tackled thesis 15 about turning your dissertation into a manuscript. Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote. Before I graduated, I had

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This review first appeared at the Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog in December of 2012. Since Twilight turned 10 this week, I thought it might be time to direct you all to Tanya Erzen’s excellent ethnography of Twilight fans. In 2008, I picked up the Twilight series because my youngest sister, then a teenager, happened to

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“The song lifted her up high”: Jeff Sharlet on Faith and Faithlessness

Beefsteaks when I’m hungry Something tall and cool when I’m dry Give me greenbacks when the times are hard Sweet heaven when I die–Blue Dogs, “Sweet Heaven When I Die” While reading and re-reading Jeff Sharlet’s Sweet Heaven When I Die: Faith, Faithlessness, and the Country in Between, a couple of songs replayed over and over

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