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From Religious Studies PhD to Editor of WIHE

Published at Women in Higher Education on October 3, 2016. As editor, I plan to continue the hard work that our former editor, Liana, put into this newsletter. I want WIHE to be both feminist and a little more edgy. I hope all of you, our readers, want it to be both too. WIHE is a […]

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I’m With Her, Too

Published at Women in Higher Education on November 1, 2016. Rather than telling both of my kids that a woman can be president, I’ll be able to point to a living and breathing woman president, not just the possibility of one. Knowing a woman can be president is not the same as actually seeing it happen. We know that […]

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Cruelty and Kindness in Academia

Published at Chronicle Vitae on October 11, 2016. In that climate, your own career success is of the utmost importance. Unkindness becomes a buffer between you and all the other people seeking those elusive tenure-track jobs, grants, promotions, book contracts, prestigious journal articles, named chairs, editorships, and so on. Your career begins to matter more […]

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Staking Monsters: Killing the Racist Trope in Horror and Reality

Published at Sacred Matters on October 28, 2016. In this age of white police killing black people, Romero’s unintentional message about racism still resonates today, though I wish it wouldn’t. I wish the film were less relevant with every passing year. Yet Romero shows us in a film about zombies the high costs of dehumanization in the […]

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The New White Nationalists?

Published at Religion & Politics on October 20, 2016. White people, the alt-right suggests, are constantly under attack and disenfranchised in American society. The movement, then, stands up for white identity against all supposed threats….In their campaigns against SJWs, feminists, and Black Lives Matter activists, they assert that these groups are the victimizers and that white people […]

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