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The New White Nationalists?

Published at Religion & Politics on October 20, 2016. White people, the alt-right suggests, are constantly under attack and disenfranchised in American society. The movement, then, stands up for white identity against all supposed threats….In their campaigns against SJWs, feminists, and Black Lives Matter activists, they assert that these groups are the victimizers and that white people […]

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Listen to the Sound of My Voice

Published at Sounding Out on August 15, 2016. My attempts to change my voice were always destined to fail. I fought against my body and lost. I couldn’t have won even if I tried harder. My vocal cords are determined that my voice would be high, so it is. The culture around me, however, taught me to […]

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Fashionable Intolerance

Published at Sacred Matters on July 28, 2016. The mainstream media labeled FLDS fashion as prairie chic or polygamist fashion. Bloggers, editors and opinion writers all grappled with the pressing issue of how these women could wear such awful clothing. For a moment, fashion disaster appeared more pressing than child brides.

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Goodbye, Tim LaHaye

Published at Killing the Buddha on July 28, 2016. I purchased a copy of the Left Behind DVD for a few dollars; my partner refused to watch it with me with an inappropriate (appropriate) “Hell no.” The more I read and watched, the more I wanted to read and watch. I started ordering titles from his prophecy […]

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Talking About Racism

Published at Bearings on April 8, 2016. Regardless of how extensively I engage in anti-racism work, my discomfort never seems to go away—and frankly, I don’t want it to. Discussions of racism should make us uncomfortable, because racism is an uncomfortable reality.

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