226254_209761952378834_172470642774632_666248_5284725_nI’m a freelance writer and sometime scholar. I’m the author of Gospel According to the Klan: The KKK’s Appeal to Protestant America, 1915-1930 (University Press of Kansas, 2011), The Zombies Are Coming!: The Realities of the Zombie Apocalypse in American Culture (Bondfire Books, 2013).

I’ve written for the Atlantic, Washington Post’s On Faith, Religion Dispatches, and Christian Century’s Then & Now. Currently, I’m writing my way through my year off at academia for Chronicle Vitae. When I am not writing about higher ed,  I’m chipping away at a cultural history of zombies from the University of Washington Press.

I received a PhD from Florida State University in Religion in 2008, particularly American religious history. I edit the Religion in American History blog. Currently, I reside in Tallahassee, Florida, with my husband, daughter, infant son, two dogs, and a mean kitty.

Please feel free to contact me about writing or research.

Figuring it out one post at a time.