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Cinderella: The Magic of Kindness

Published at Killing the Buddha on March 25, 2015. As a child, I found these films comforting: a lesson that family might wound and harm you, but you could escape and find happiness elsewhere. I learned that you just had to bide your time. That you wouldn’t be a child forever. That escape was always possible […]

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Kingsman: The One-Percent Apocalypse

Published at Killing the Buddha on February 26, 2015. When Valentine’s plan was revealed, I first thought this was a reversal of apocalyptic visions, in which the oppressed and downtrodden emerge the victors in a world torn asunder. The 1% would remain safe while the rest of humanity violently killed one another with brute force. Forget […]

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Look For The Signs

Published at Killing the Buddha on May 1, 2015. I watched a show about a shallow rendering of the end of the world while yet another black man died at the hands of the police. Gray’s spine was severed, and white people want to talk of looting and violence against the police. A human being lost his […]

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