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Waiting is Living

Published at Huffington Post on June 21, 2017: I used to hate waiting, but now, I wonder if waiting is where living resides. As we wait, lives begin, lives continue, and lives end. We wait beside each other for things to happen, things to fall apart, or for things to stumble along. We wait and […]

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All in Favor of Quitting?

Published at Chronicle Vitae on July 6, 2017: Knowing when to walk away is a healthy habit. Some things aren’t worth the sacrifices. It’s good to figure out what those things are for you. For me, if I hadn’t quit my lecturer gig and left a dysfunctional department, I would have never become the writer and editor […]

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A Memoir on Leaving the Faculty

Published at Chronicle Vitae on July 6, 2017: What I hope the book does, if it doesn’t do anything else, is let people know that it is OK to leave academia. Academic notions of success are remarkably narrow, and the world around us has more possibilities than we might think.

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The Artifacts of White Supremacy

Published at the Religion & Culture Forum on June 14, 2017. Yet, the meaning of an object is never settled, and often the story the Klan wanted objects to tell was not the one that everyone else heard. Robes, fiery crosses, and the American flag ended up telling competing narratives about the Klan’s idealized vision […]

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