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On Writing and Depression

Published at Disability Acts on September 25, 2018. My hatred of everything, including myself, burned me from the inside out. All that was left was a shell of human being who had become very good at pretending nothing was wrong.

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The Persistent Hum of Anxiety

Published at Disability Acts on August 24, 2018. But, the hum was a little louder and a lot more demanding. I could no longer ignore the vibrations. I could no longer swat away that which was ailing me. The hum was now impossible to avoid, an unrelenting presence that forced me to pay attention.

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Simmering Anger

Published at Disability Acts on August 14, 2018. And the truth, if I’m going to be truthful, is that I feel it, the rage that simmers under the surface and sometimes erupts forth to overwhelm me.  

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Teaching Beyond the Classroom

Published at Women in Higher Education on September 7, 2018. You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take teaching away from her. I started teaching beyond the confines of university classrooms. I taught on Twitter, tweet by tweet, and in essays. I taught in radio and newspaper interviews, in books and […]

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Fight Racism or Be Complicit

Published at Women in Higher Education on August 1, 2018. White supremacy shapes our world: politics, laws, policing and punishment, educational systems, reproductive rights, banking, home ownership, etc. White supremacy determines who is understood as human, granted dignity and rights, and who isn’t.

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