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Stalled Progress for Women at Work

Published by Women in Higher Education on November 29, 2017: If women make up 10% of the leadership positions, men feel like their workplace has achieved gender diversity. (What’s that sound? Oh, it’s just me screaming in anguish and frustration.) That’s nowhere close to gender parity, but for many men, 10% seems like fair representation.

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On Transitioning Out of the Academy

Published at Sacred Matters on December 5, 2017: I’m more concerned with the norms, or maybe conventions, of what academic life is supposed to look like and how impossible it is to be “conventional” when your work and life are precarious. I’m more concerned with the lives we are supposed to build within the academy […]

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#DearBetsy, Leave Title IX Alone

Published at Women in Higher Education on October 30, 2017. So, Betsy, I’m writing today to ask you to stop. The Obama-era guidance provided Title IX protections for survivors of campus sexual assault. Schools are beginning to take sexual assault more seriously. Women students on campus deserve better than this new letter. Higher ed deserves better […]

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Furious, But Frightened

Published by Women in Higher Education on September 29, 2017. Strangers tweet, email and message to let me know they think I should be harmed violently or even killed for what I write. It is a weird, terrifying experience to know that strangers hate you this much. It is also a gendered experience: These strangers are […]

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Taking a Digital Break

Published at Women in Higher Education on August 1, 2017: As I chose to end my social media break, it occurred to me that I haven’t spent much time thinking about the kind of creative life I want rather than the creative life I have. My writing life feels less and less creative by the […]

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