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Teaching Beyond the Classroom

Published at Women in Higher Education on September 7, 2018. You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take teaching away from her. I started teaching beyond the confines of university classrooms. I taught on Twitter, tweet by tweet, and in essays. I taught in radio and newspaper interviews, in books and […]

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Fight Racism or Be Complicit

Published at Women in Higher Education on August 1, 2018. White supremacy shapes our world: politics, laws, policing and punishment, educational systems, reproductive rights, banking, home ownership, etc. White supremacy determines who is understood as human, granted dignity and rights, and who isn’t.

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Me Too, Me Too, #MeToo

Published at Women in Higher Education on July 5, 2018. For as long as I can remember, men and fear were inseparable. I knew to be afraid of men. Fear could save me, unless it didn’t. I’ve always been afraid of men.  

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Difficult Girls, Difficult Women

Published at Women in Higher Education on May 6, 2018. Like Charles Wallace and Calvin, I watched Meg in awe because of her ferocity and anger, not in spite of it. She’s a difficult girl, like I was, and like so many of the women and girls I know and love. Meg and I were both difficult […]

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Mothers of White Supremacy

Published at PRA on March 22, 2018: In doing this, White women weren’t simply capitulating to men’s preferences under a patriarchal system; rather, White women supported segregation because it benefited them. They affirmed, defended, and praised segregation every day and birthed a particular White supremacist politics—which defends a racial hierarchy of White over Black in institutions, politics, and […]

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