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Furious, But Frightened

Published by Women in Higher Education on September 29, 2017. Strangers tweet, email and message to let me know they think I should be harmed violently or even killed for what I write. It is a weird, terrifying experience to know that strangers hate you this much. It is also a gendered experience: These strangers are […]

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Taking a Digital Break

Published at Women in Higher Education on August 1, 2017: As I chose to end my social media break, it occurred to me that I haven’t spent much time thinking about the kind of creative life I want rather than the creative life I have. My writing life feels less and less creative by the […]

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Waiting is Living

Published at Huffington Post on June 21, 2017: I used to hate waiting, but now, I wonder if waiting is where living resides. As we wait, lives begin, lives continue, and lives end. We wait beside each other for things to happen, things to fall apart, or for things to stumble along. We wait and […]

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All in Favor of Quitting?

Published at Chronicle Vitae on July 6, 2017: Knowing when to walk away is a healthy habit. Some things aren’t worth the sacrifices. It’s good to figure out what those things are for you. For me, if I hadn’t quit my lecturer gig and left a dysfunctional department, I would have never become the writer and editor […]

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