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Learned Societies Need Anti‐Harassment Policies

Published at Women in Higher Education on January 4, 2019: The AAR is my guild, my learned society, still, and their annual conference was supposed to be a space to discuss my research and have job interviews. But the conference was never really safe.

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Stay Mad

Published at Women in Higher Education on Jan. 4, 2019: Each month, not only are there stories about the trauma and violence women endure, but also new studies that document gender gaps in pay, promotion and leadership, as well as the reports about how women shoulder the bulk of student loan debt. Newswatch makes me want […]

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Learning to Slack

Published at Women in Higher Education on Dec. 3, 2018: I somehow learned that imperfection was failure. Things would be perfect or things would be ruined. There was no gray area in which to live.

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Believe Women

Published at Women in Higher Education on Nov. 1, 2018. Lately, I have returned to Lorde’s essay. I find that I need to remind myself that adopting silence won’t protect me from all the people, mostly men, who have hurt me, nor will silence erase the trauma I’ve endured at their hands. Silence, she reminds me, doesn’t […]

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“Safety Lights Are for Dudes”

Published at Women in Higher Education on October 3, 2018. More and more, the Ghostbusters reboot feels like a cautionary tale for our moment, pretending to be a fun movie with ghosts and slime. The original film gives us men as saviors, a tired trope, but the new film shows how dangerous and destructive aggrieved white men can […]

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