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Wrenches at Your Insides

Published at Disability Acts on Oct. 30, 2020: When I try to conjure images of what writing a memoir is like, I tend to come back to vivisection, the process of performing operations on live animals for research.  

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Hitting the Wall

Published in Women in Higher Education on Oct. 29, 2020: Unfortunately, this wall was one that I’m familiar with and desperately try to avoid. The particular wall was depression, a disorder that I can never quite escape.  

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A Kind of Fairy Tale

Published at The Rumpus on Oct. 26, 2020: She knew that she was bringing her life to bear on the stories. That she was placing her own burdens heavily on these fairy tales. That if the stories could bear the weight of her life, then maybe she could, too.

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Doing the Best We Can

Published in The National Teaching and Learning Forum on Oct. 12, 2020: No one is at their best right now. Not faculty, not staff, not students, not parents, not anyone.  

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Anger Within

Published in Women in Higher Education on Sept. 30, 2020: I feel like my insides are on fire too. But the fire that burns inside of me is anger and overwhelming fury.  

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