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Coming to Terms With Mental Illness

Published at Women in Higher Education on April 30, 2019. My periods of being low—which I had experienced for at least a decade—were longer and more intense. Sometimes, my mood lifted, and I kept frantically busy as if my life depended on it. The low always returned. And this time, I couldn’t shake it.

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Navigating (or Not) the Tightrope

Published at Women in Higher Education on March 1, 2019. I have been told I am difficult at work, in organizations and online and off. Men (and some women) called me difficult when I didn’t meet their expectations of how I should act or how women should act more generally. I was difficult because I stepped […]

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Failing Perfection

Published at Disability Acts on February, 14, 2019. I sighed and followed her. I found myself hoping again that she can avoid the pitfalls of being like me. Or that I can avoid the pitfalls of one of the adults who raised me.

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The Productivity Trap

Published at Women in Higher Education on February 1, 2019: By the end of the month, I would self‐assess and usually decide that I wasn’t living up to my true potential. I pushed myself harder. My worth was being determined by word counts and bylines. Being productive became what mattered most, even as I knew […]

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Learned Societies Need Anti‐Harassment Policies

Published at Women in Higher Education on January 4, 2019: The AAR is my guild, my learned society, still, and their annual conference was supposed to be a space to discuss my research and have job interviews. But the conference was never really safe.

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Stay Mad

Published at Women in Higher Education on Jan. 4, 2019: Each month, not only are there stories about the trauma and violence women endure, but also new studies that document gender gaps in pay, promotion and leadership, as well as the reports about how women shoulder the bulk of student loan debt. Newswatch makes me want […]

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