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Published at The Manifest-Station on January 22, 2015. I never met Carl because he died almost three years before I was born. Yet, he lingered. I was told throughout my childhood that I was like him. This was not necessarily a compliment, more often it was an accusation tossed out in anger. I learned that […]

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Maybe I Should Have Stayed in Retail

Published at Chronicle Vitae on May 14, 2015. I keep thinking about that job offer from the Gap as one of the paths I didn’t take. Maybe it sticks in my mind because of the years I spent on the faculty job market for a career that didn’t pan out. Maybe I keep revisiting that offer because […]

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After Charleston

Published at Bearings on June 24, 2015. Will we really do nothing? Will we again ignore the fact that racism is embedded in our society? Will we claim that the shooter is a lone individual rather than a symptom of our white supremacist culture? Will we cluck our tongues in sympathy while ignoring the patterns of violence […]

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Clean Slate

Published on Chronicle Vitae on February 3, 2015. There was my journey from primary sources to a dissertation and from dissertation to manuscript. A ragged and torn poster from 2005 declared that I was once an “emerging scholar.” The poster’s condition felt like a strange symbol of early hope and promise that had been degraded by painful […]

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