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Am I an Activist?

Published at Chronicle Vitae on March 26, 2015. Activism appears to have merit when it can be neatly attached to one’s scholarship or a vision of a shared politics. Since most of my work is on religious hate groups, my scholarship didn’t always neatly align with the expectations of departments and search committees. There seemed […]

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Words of Wisdom

Published at Huffington Post on April 28, 2015. Sweethearts, there are days in which you’ll feel like a failure too. You aren’t. Your kids will be lucky to have you for your strengths as well as your flaws. Parents are our first cautionary tales. It can’t be helped. “Don’t be me,” was my fervent prayer in […]

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The Impermanent Adjunct

Published online at Chronicle Vitae on February 26, 2014. As my year off moves by slowly, I often wonder how I arrived at the situation I am in. Was there a pivotal moment that set me on this path? When did I begin to doubt that I would ever fit neatly within the academy? When did […]

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Elect Her Finds Future Electoral Leaders on Campus

Published at Women in Higher Education on February 9, 2015. We could chalk up the lack of women in political office to systemic discrimination, but this alone doesn’t explain the gender gap in politics. Discrimination emerges as only part of the problem. For example, to get a woman to run for office, she has to be asked […]

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Should We Ban Brilliance?

Published at Chronicle Vitae on February 26, 2015. I feel squeamish about the label of brilliance. The juxtaposition of bossy and brilliant sets my teeth on edge. Maybe, that is because I’m unsure that I’ve ever been called brilliant as a student, researcher, or as a teacher. (Nor did I necessarily expect to be.) I’m […]

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