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The Work of Activism

Published at Women in Higher Education on May 1, 2017. If you had asked me all those years ago if I was an activist, I would have probably told you “no.” It took me a very long time to realize that what I was doing was activism, actions geared to bring about cultural or political […]

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Breaking Silence, Standing Firm

Published at Women in Higher Education on March 29, 2017: There’s a lesson here about women facing the patriarchy, looking directly at a force that wants to annihilate you. What would happen if we all became unafraid and unmovable? What if we all took up Solnit’s call to speak out against patriarchy? That would be […]

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Published at Bearings on March 2, 2017. I have persisted, but I’ve grown weary of persistence. “Nevertheless, she persisted” is not the rallying cry that I want. While I initially found comfort in this sentiment, I’m less comforted now. These days, I find myself looking for something else.

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Choose Hope

Published at Women in Higher Education on February 28, 2017. Revolutions begin with hope for a different future, a different world; resistance and activism begin with hope, and anger too. Hope gives us a kick in the pants and makes us act; fear overwhelms and keeps us stationary.

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The Look of White Supremacy

Published at Sacred Matters on February 17, 2017. When pop culture portrays white supremacists, they are stock characters, visibly terrible people who are oh-so-easy to identify in a crowd. White supremacists in television and film are so damn obvious in their racism. Their look dramatizes their white supremacist ideology. Their clothes and affect signal a style of […]

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